16 signs that cancer is spreading in the body

10 – Respiratory difficulty (shortness of breath):


Shortness of breath in the case of cancer is due to the narrowing of the airways. If you experience constant and uncomfortable shortness of breath, it may indicate lung cancer.

9 – Chronic Cough:

A persistent, itchy cough with chest pain, change in voice tone (hoarseness), fatigue, and weight loss may be clear symptoms of lung tumors or leukemia.

8 – Swelling of the abdomen:

This can be a sign of ovarian cancer, especially if this swelling is accompanied by pelvic pain and the feeling of a full bladder.

7 – Jaundice:

One of the most telling signs of a liver problem and a gallbladder dysfunction is jaundice. There is yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes, this is linked to liver cancer.

6 – Hematoma:

When a mass develops in any part of the body, it must cause concern. This can be in the form of masses in the chest, neck, belly, testicles, arms … etc. If these masses last a long time, they can indicate cancer.

5 – Changing the appearance of moles:


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