9 Warning Signs That Your Heart Doesn’t Work Properly

Each year, a tremendous number of people die from heart-related problems all over the world and According to the C.D.C (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) around 610,000 individuals die of heart-related issues annually in the US alone.

What people tend to ignore is that heart diseases are not always genetical and inevitable, they may also be developed due to a certain lifestyle and bad everyday habits. During a coronary failure, symptoms usually last half-hour or longer and aren’t eased by rest or oral medications. Initial symptoms might begin as a gentle discomfort that progresses to important pain. It comes often as a quiet and sly killer that surprises the victim at a serious stage of the disease, whilst it is possible to detect some signs to hold off complications that may lead to losing its life. 

Here are some major symptoms that should alert you and make you go consult a specialist to diagnose, in order to prevent bad complications of heart disease by the future:

9. Prolonged coughing

Coughing is a physiological reaction of defence that our body employs to get rid of the foreign substances that will be irritating the airways in the body. A prolonged coughing can be a sign of heart disease.

While coughing is often related to the flu or to a simple cold, it becomes a serious symptom when it doesn’t go away after few days, even with medication and adequate treatment, especially when it is accompanied with a bloody liquid and a loss of breath or noisy breath.

Actually, it is often an alarming symptom of heart disease that should not be ignored by the patient.

8. Pain in the arms

The most common symptom of heart disease is a strong pain in one or the two arms. This can be explained by the fact that the pain from the human heart crosses the nerves of the spinal cord, sending a confusing alert to the brain that visualizes it as a pain in the arm.

Pain in the left arm can be caused by several conditions, starting from run of the mill muscle pain to a severe coronary failure. If you ever feel a similar pain that doesn’t go away after a couple of days with other symptoms from this list, suspect heart disease and go check up at the doctor right away!

7. Irregular Heartbeat

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