Cancer, Dies When You Eat These Twelve Foods, Time to Start Eating Them

When the cells of the body start to grow abnormally and in an out-of-control manner, such condition is classified as cancer. There are many types of cancer and each the classification of these is done by the type of cell that is affected in the initial stages. During the forming of the human body, the body goes through a stage that is called angiogenesis. In this stage, the blood vessels are created. The angiogenesis does not stop even when the human is born, whenever a human suffers from injuries on the skin, veins, arteries, this activity helps in rebuilding the blood canals.

This very activity of angiogenesis later causes the spread of cancer. The main ingredients of the start of the cancer are called activators and inhibitors. Most of the studies around the world solely focus on the inhibitors and ignore the activators, while the activators play the role of boosting the vascular growth of the cells so that new blood vassals can be created. The best time to start changing your lifestyle in now, you cannot do anything about the past but you can change your future and work on it. The sooner you start eating healthy, the better your health be in the future. The lung cancer is caused mostly by inhaling harmful substances. Most of the times, there is asbestos in the in cheap paints which may cause asbestos cancer, also one of the reason of the pleural mesothelioma is the decay of the pleura which decays due to talcum powder.

As elaborated earlier, the cancer is a disease that takes place due to uncontrolled growth of the cells. The cells start to mutate and they multiply at a speedy rate. These cells create tumors which are called “malignant” because their multiplication does not stop. These “malignant” are different from tumors, since the tumors are not actually cancer cells. There is also a cancer called “malignant mesothelioma” which is cancer of a thin tissue goes along the long, chest and the abdomen. This cancer does not stop easily.

After the formation of cancer cells, they start invading healthy cells of the body, this activity is called “metastasis”. The cancer cells are abnormal, compared normal cells of the body which die after a span of time, the cancer cells do not die and they keep spreading. The latest researches that are currently being conducted are primarily focusing on finding a solution, the way to kill the cancer cells which will play a vital role in fighting cancer of any kind.

Combating Cancer with routine foods

Yes, you read that right!

You absolutely can fight cancer with the choice of the foods you are taking daily. A new research has been conducted that elaborates the benefits of different foods in fighting the deadly disease.

If you have a healthy lifestyle then it can save you from cancer. These way to defend your body is to know what you are eating, the food you eat matters. The quality of the food that you consume needs to be good, other than that, the food needs to have an appropriate amount of calories and fats which can be consumed on daily basis. If you go around the mart, reading labels and noticing the ingredients in it, the best way to find out if your food is healthy or not is by knowing the origin of the food. If there is a long list of additives and chemicals written on the label then it is not healthy, certainly not fresh. The best food to consume is grown without any harmful chemicals and is harvested from the soil.

Cancer VS Food

Any type of Cancer is known to be the silent killer and it will not stop growing until you are doing something to stop this. Your options will be, to go for the chemotherapy and to get the tumor out with the help of the surgery. What else do you have? Well, you will have to fight cancer with the help of food, as there are thousands of helping compounds in the food that can help you stop the growth of the deadliest cells for your body.

The concept of the food power

There are various experts who believe that all these foods can help you fight cancer and these foods are considered to be even more powerful than chemotherapy. You might be wondering what is the fact that is giving them this much power, if yes, then let us tell you about it.

It is a known fact that the mechanism of blood vessels is angiogenesis, this process of creation of the cells may get enhanced at some points in the life, for example, in the newborns where the cell growth is necessary. But this function of enhanced process of cell creation is not needed in life later on in normal circumstances. 

There are a few conditions where this enhanced cell growth is necessary, for instance, if there is a wound and restoration of capillaries and tissues is needed.  Now when this process is once activated there are a few inhibitors that are needed to inhibit this action otherwise this process will not stop and cells will keep growing. 

All the foods that have this anti-angiogenesis properties will help to inhibit the growth of cells that are being produced on the spot of the cancer.  With the help of certain foods, nutrients will be supplied throughout the body and the further growth of the cancerous cells will be stopped.  This is how foods are going to help us in combating Cancer and removing it from the body. Consume the following things to avoid cancer, these 12 foods are anti-angiogenesis and they play a vital role is stopping the cancer from growing. Let us have a look on these 12 astounding anti-cancer foods, here you go: