Do the screening – early detection is the key

Are you worried that you, or a loved one, may have cancer?

We know that early detection is essential to enable effective treatment and a better chance of curing cancer. If you have symptoms that are of concern to you, it is essential to have them checked by a health professional as soon as possible.

It is also important to know what screening options are available, especially if you have a family history of cancer.

What you can do:

Know the signs of cancer

These symptoms can be caused by another health problem, but if one or more of these symptoms persist, consult your doctor without delay.

Screening and self-examination

It is important to detect cancer quickly by conducting regular self-exams and submitting to regular medical exams.

See how to proceed to self-examination; symptoms to know; the recommended age to start self-examination, how often, and the recommended medical examinations here:

  • Women – Breast and Cervical Cancer
  • Men – prostate and testicular cancer
  • Men and women – skin cancer

Sometimes a closer examination is required. Learn more about screening at CANSA health centers below.

Reduce your risk of cancer

Give yourself the means to know how to reduce your risk of cancer.

We present awareness and education campaigns to local communities throughout South Africa, through our CANSA health centers, to help South Africans reduce their risk of cancer. Information is also promoted online.

The themes of the campaign are: SunSmart, Balanced Lifestyle, Tobacco Free, Children and Youth, Women’s Health and Men’s Health.

Know your family history

Consult a health care professional for advice on appropriate screening tests if there is a family history of cancer.

Read more about genetic testing for cancer and where it can be done …

Screening offered by CANSA:

We offer the following tests / screening tests in most of our CANSA care centers in the country. Costs are kept to a minimum to cover the material needed for selection and the income of the selected person is also taken into account. Patients receiving medical help can ask for medical help.

Some screening equipment, because of expenses, is shared and wanders between health centers as needed. For this reason, it is important to make an appointment for screening and to check whether a particular health center offers a particular type of screening.

CANSA Care Center staff also organizes Corporate and Corporate Wellness Days, where screening materials and educational materials are available upon request. Between November and February, “on-the-spot” screening campaigns are organized in various public places to screen for skin cancer.

Types of screening

cervical cancer screening (Pap smear)
breast cancer screening (clinical breast examinations)
prostate cancer screening (finger prick blood test with prostate specific antigen)
skin cancer screening (Fotofinder mapping machine)
Lifestyle Risk Assessments (assessing your cancer risk)
Mobile Health Clinics – 9 in total across South Africa, traveling to remote rural areas for screening otherwise inaccessible to residents (find out about planned visits to the nearest CANSA Care Center)

CANSA does not do mammograms. See the list of breast clinics in public hospitals …

CANSA does not provide treatment. Therefore, if abnormalities are detected during screening, the person being screened will be referred to an appropriate specialist or health professional. Learn more about our holistic care and support for people with cancer and their loved ones.

Has cancer touched your life?

Cancer affects one in four South Africans through the diagnosis of family, friends, colleagues, or oneself.

We want you to know that you are not alone and that we want to support you and your loved ones, regardless of how cancer has affected your life.